Dataops - Data Virtualization and Data Masking

Build your BI, Test and Dev Environment in minutes with masked data

Delhix - Data Virtualization & Data Masking

One of the priorities of IT teams is to meet application requests as soon as possible and to do this with the least error.

Test processes are one of the important steps in this regard. The more quality and up-to-date data is tested, the less errors will occur in the live environment.

Preparation of test data is a long process involving different units. Many different units are part of this process, therefore it inevitably takes a lot of time.

Delphix allows to shorten and automate this process.

The application and development also provides significant benefits in providing products via implementing CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery / Deployment) processes.

Although many processes have been automated for the preparation of test environments,  you can do it manually or with scripts but still most time-consuming process is data copying and data masking.

Delphix is ​​a solution that reduces the provisioning process of data from weeks / days to minutes with the Delphix data virtualization technology, enables us to create test environments with data masking capability or to make the process of sharing data with 3rd parties self-service. It can do this for many databases such as SAP, Oracle, Mainframe, MS SQL, mariadb, postgr

 With Delphix

  • Software teams can perform up-to-date data tests and reduce errors that may arise from live environments.
  • BI & Reporting teams can access multiple copies of the same data very quickly, simplify ETL processes, and generate reports for requested times.
  • QA and Test teams can perform tests by updating the data as often as they want.
  • IT operations teams can respond to requests very quickly

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