Versa, More than SD-WAN

Bulid and manage your own virtual operator with Versa

Versa SD-WAD & SD-Secure
What does Versa SD-WAN do, what problems does it solve?
The wide area network (WAN) is a layer that we don't know what is going on and couldn't manage. In multi-branch structures, this layer is even more critical for service quality. 

Currently traditional solutions is too complex for managent perspective and they don't have enough  agility to keep up with disruptive technologies.

Versa allows us to see what is happening in the WAN and manage this layer by moving this layer to a software-defined structure with SD-WAN technology.

When it has a traceable and manageable structure in the WAN;

  • We can view performance and usage information of applications, determine and implement policies accordingly.
  • We can determine SLAs for the applications. WE can manage dynamically route selection.
  • We are able to manage and monitor WAN,  end-to-end network performance for each application 
  • We can report all locations and line connections in real time.
  • We send our end-to-end data with high security encryption. We also provide extra security with UTM and NGFW Services.
  • By consolidating the devices, router, access point, UTM, NGFW are now available in a single box for branches with a software-defined structure.
  • We can work actively with multiple connection types(ME, LTE, satellite, internet, ..) and provide capacity and redundancy.
  • We can combine different connections and provide high band at low costs.

While doing all this, we can replace end point devices securely.

Versa is one of the most important and dominant players in SD-WAN. It not only manages WAN, but also adds solutions in terms of security. In doing so, he does not leave us alone with complex and difficult-to-manage architectures.

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