Information Security

As DESistem Information Technology and its employees, to manage all kind of risks to our business continuity and information assets;

order to protect the reliability and image of our company, to ensure the convenience of the contracts made with third parties and keep our fundamental and supporting business activities with minimum possible interruption, it is aimed to provide security of information of all the physical and electronic infırmation assets that are used in information services.

The information security requirements in our company will be in the same direction with the corporate objectives and to be able to reduce the risks regarding information to acceptable levels, it is aimed that the ISMS will be a mechanism that allows information sharing.

In DESistem Information Technologies, business continuity plan, data back-up procedures, avoidance of viruses and cyber attacks, risk analysis, access control and information security breach notifications are fundamental for this policy.

order to protect the institution's legal and regulatory compliance, the management of DESistem Information Technologies made a commitment to preserve confidentiality, integrity and all physical and virtual knowledge throughout the organization.

General Manager
Fuat Mediçeler