Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service (BaaS) service is capacity-based backup services over DESistem environment.

You can make your backups or replications with the rental model by paying as much as you use in the DESistem environment. Even if your DC and DRC structure is established in your current structure, it is an important need to transfer backups to the 3rd location, especially against ransomware attacks. You can also use the DESsystem environment for this purpose.

BaaS Benefits

  • Scalability and flexibility. In case of need, you can quickly add capacity or disable the capacity you do not use.
  • All maintenance and management of BaaS infrastructure is done by DESistem. This gives you an advantage in terms of both cost and operational load.
  • Since DESsystem has the competence to provide end-to-end service, you can get the service you choose according to your needs.