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Network & Security

In today's conditions, it is observed that the operational and managerial problems experienced in the IT infrastructure of small, medium, large and global scale institutions are increasing day by day. Compainies are subject to regulations, audits and compliance frameworks. Also due to the difficulty of finding qualified human resources in the field of IT, harmony and stability in IT infrastructures has become the biggest problem of companies. 

DESistem aims to effectively manage the processes with the relevant business units in the companies, with its reliable consultancy identity that guides the project investments of the companies in the fields of 'Holistic Security and Network Technologies'.

We support the companies with our senior engineering team working in our own technical services unit and the solutions of our strong business partners.

As the Integrated Security and Network Technologies business unit, we classify institutions according to the technology titles in which they operate in their information infrastructure;

  1. End-User and System Security (Endpoint Security)
  2. Network Configuration and Security (Network Security)
  3. Application and Software Security (Application Security)
  4. Cloud Technologies Security (Cloud Security)
  5. Cyber ​​Security and Professional Consulting Services (Cyber ​​Security and Assessment)

As DESistem, our technological solution covers, local installation and maintenance, consultancy and manageable services we have provided within the scope of 'Integrated Security and Network Technologies';

  • Wired and Wireless Network Solutions (Network, Wireless, LAN)
  • Advanced Endpoint Security Solutions (Endpoint Protection Platform - EPP)
  • Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Data Leak Prevention and Data Discovery Solutions, Classification Consulting (Data Loss Prevention , Data Discovery Classification)
  • Data Anonymization, Deletion, Destruction Solutions and Consultancy (Data Anonymization)
  • Data Encryption Solutions (Encryption)
  • Data Masking Solutions (Data Masking )
  • Next Generation Advanced Firewall Solutions (NGFW/NGIPS)
  • Web Security (Web Gateway,Proxy)
  • E-mail Security (E-mail Security)
  • Web Application Security (Web Application Firewall - WAF)
  • Network Access Controller (NAC)
  • DNS Security (DNS Security)
  • Software Based Wide Network Optimization (SD-WAN)
  • Cloud Security - CASB
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Microsegmentation Solutions (
  • Information Security Incident Management Platform and 5651 Logging Solutions (SIEM / LOG MANAGEMENT)
  • Cyber ​​Threat Deception Solutions (Deception)
  • Cyber ​​Defense and Verification Solutions (Cyber ​​Security Validation)
  • Vulnerability Assesment
  • Static Code Analysis Solutions (Static Code Analysis)
  • Information Technologies Service Management Solutions (ITSM)
  • Mobile Device Security Solutions (Mobile Device Management - MDM)
  • Multiple and Two-Factor Authentication Solutions (Multi Factor Authentication, 2 Factor Authentication, Authenticator)
  • WAN Optimization
  • Load Balancer / My load balancing solutions
  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • IP Telephony & Unified Communication
  • SDN (Software Defined Network)

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