Know Your Customer - Remote Authenticaton

Your customers can make transactions without going to the branch.

Know Your Customer

We offer local technologies especially within the concept of "Know Your Customer", which is the rising trend in the Global Finance World.

"Know Your Customer" solutions have gained an important place in the digitalized transportation, finance and telecom world. In order to minimize the illegal activities that may arise in the transactions made, it has become important to keep up-to-date and validated customer information.

With "Know Your Customer" software solutions; We ensure that up-to-date customer information is securely and accurately transferred to systems and controlled.

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Some functions provided by our SDK and solutions;   

  • Document Capture - ID Card and Passport Capture
  • On Device Document Detection
  • On Device Document Classification
  • On Device Document Extraction
  • On Device Document Enhancement
  • On Device Document Encryption
  • On Device Blur Detection
  • On Device Glare Detection
  • On Device Noise Reduction
  • On Device OCR and Data Extraction
  • On Device MRZ Scanner and Reader
  • On Device File Compression
  • On Device Face Detection
  • Face Recognition and Matching
  • Biometric Face Recognition
  • Motion and Robotic Movement Detection
  • Static Signature on Digital Documents

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