Managed Services

Managed Services

One of the biggest problems of IT teams is the need for resources. While IT jobs are increasing rapidly, resources do not increase in parallel, or even decrease. In addition, the diversity of subjects in IT and the fact that each subject requires separate expertise creates difficulties for the continuity of service quality.

With its competent technical team, DESistem provides services in the areas that corporations need for their IT systems. DESistem teams take on the workload of the Institution IT teams and ensure that the Institution's resources can be used for works specific to the Institution.

DESistem teams examine the IT structure of the Institution and make detailed analyzes before the service starts. As a result of this study, the actions to be taken are taken and prioritized, a roadmap is created and implemented in communication with the Institution's IT teams.

Since the corporate IT structure is constantly monitored, the continuity of the structure is ensured by offering suggestions on capacity, performance and security.

In order for the service quality to be at a certain level, the services provided are provided according to the SLAs determined in accordance with the needs of the Institution, and the services are reported periodically to ensure the traceability of the services. In the monthly meetings, the technical teams of the Institution and DEsistem come together and make evaluations.

The services provided in this context are as follows;

DESistem Services:

  • Helpdesk
  • 24/7 Monitoring Systems
  • Services Provided from DESistem Institutional Resource Pool
  • Hosting Service
  • MS Operating System Management
  • Directory Services Management
  • Email Server Management
  • File Server Management
  • Virtualization Management
  • Backup
  • Database Management
  • Integrated System Infrastructure Management
  • Network Management
  • Security Systems Management

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