PaaS - Platform as a Service

PaaS - Platform as a Service

Platform as a service (PaaS); is a cloud environment with resources that allow you to serve every application within your organization, from simple applications to advanced corporate applications, according to your needs. PaaS enables fast, simple and cost-effective development, testing and integration of applications.

PaaS is designed for developers to quickly build the underlying infrastructure of servers, storage, networks, and databases without the hassle of installing and managing.

Team members in different geographical locations can work together on the same project, as your employees have the opportunity to access your resources over the internet even in different locations.

Benefits of PaaS

  • It provides a platform with tools for testing, developing and hosting applications in the same environment at low cost.
  • It allows developers to focus on development.
  • Management, backup and security are managed by DESistem.
  • It facilitates collaborative work.