DESistem - Bilim Pharmaceutical Mobility Project

DESistem - Bilim Pharmaceutical Mobility Project

Operating since 1953 in the pharmaceutical sector which is one of Turkey’s strategic sectors, one hundred percent Turkish invested company Bilim Pharmaceuticals has chosen Dell Venue 11 Pro enterprise tablet products with the Dell Client Solution approach to be able to increase the efficiency of its field promotion activities.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals, which has two manufacturing facilities in Turkey, with its laboratory capacity of 4,500 square meters develops products at the largest R&D center of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and contributes to the Turkish economy.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals, which has previously used printed materials in accordance with the regulations set forth by the Ministry of Health Drug Promotion Regulation, has decided to continue with tablet solutions in order to increase employee productivity, use time and resources effectively to contribute sustainability goals.

To use inter corporate applications on tablets is an important priority for Bilim Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, employees who work with the system should be provided with quick access to all applications both inside and outside of the company. To solve potential problems for the users, one of the most outstanding features in usage and business continuity is “on-site warranty” feature that DELL tablet has.

In addition to analyzing the needs of Bilim Pharmaceuticals before the project and providing the most suitable solution at the most reasonable prices, DESistem has stand beside Bilim Pharmaceuticals throughout the project as a solution partner instead of a seller.

The ongoing needs of Bilim Pharmaceuticals are supplied through DELL's corporate products.


    The application of the company can be accessed from inside the office as well as from the field by employees.


    DELL Venue 11 Pro

    DELL Venue 10 Pro


    Increasing the productivity of field sales authorities by quickly transferring data that related to company and product to field users. Giving mobile users the opportunity to access information from anywhere and anytime.